Member's Handbook



1. Location

The outdoor range is located at 1184 Kirkland Street, Batesburg, SC. From I-20, take Exit 33 south for about 1 mile. Turn left on Old Chalk Bed Rd (there is a “Recycling Center” sign at Old Chalk Bed Rd. Go approximately 3 miles on Old Chalk Bed Rd. to the first road that actually “crosses” Old Chalk Bed Rd. To the left this is named “Thunder Rd.”, to the right it is “Kirkland St.” Turn right on to Kirkland St. The entrance to the range is about 200 yards on the left.

2. Entry

Entrance to the outdoor range is through an electronically controlled gate. Each member is issued a “keycard” containing a unique code. To enter or leave the range, swipe your keycard at the appropriate sensor. (CAUTION: when leaving the range, do not pull too far ahead to swipe your card as the opening gate may strike your vehicle.) The gate takes approximately 14 seconds to open, waits 14 seconds then takes about 14 seconds to close. Do not attempt to pass multiple vehicles through the gate on one card swipe as it may close on one of the vehicles.

Always swipe your keycard, even if the gate is open; otherwise it may close and strike your vehicle.

Do NOT ever loan your keycard to another person. Doing so may cost you your privileges to use Club facilities.

In the event of failure of the electronic gate for a significant period of time, the Executive Committee will authorize the temporary use of a combination lock for access to the range. Members will be notified of the combination if this occurs.

3.Pistol Ranges

Two 50 yard pistol ranges (referred to as the “left” and “right” pistol bays when facing down range) are located about half way down the driveway. Different rules applying to each of the two bays will be covered in the General Range Rules section of this orientation.

Both pistol bays are covered, with concrete floors. During the warmer months there is water available near the right pistol range although the water has not been certified as drinkable. There are also 120 volt electrical outlets in each bay.

Tables are provide in each bay, and some seating may be available although the Club does not guarantee the presence or condition of such seating.

Target stands are available in the pistol bays (these drive into the ground, so you may wish to bring some kind of mallet), and there may be some 1x2 supports in each bay. Members are encouraged to bring their own 1x2's and must bring their own target backings and targets. You may also bring your own target stands.

Trash receptacles may be located in each bay or a large trash container will be located across the parking area from the pistol bays. Do not leave your trash (including target supports, backers, and targets) on the range. Either take it home with you or put it in the provided containers.

There is a “Port-A-Potty” located across the driveway from the pistol ranges. Please try to keep it clean. If it is not clean when you go to use it, please notify the club Secretary. (CAUTION: During the warmer months, be on the lookout for wasps; they tend to congregate around and inside the Port-A-Potty.)

Between the two pistol bays is a storage container (commonly referred to as the “Connex”). This is for storing Club maintenance equipment and materials, and is not normally available for member use.

The pistol bays are surrounded on three sides by berms. No one should ever be on the berms when the range is open. If the range has been properly closed for maintenance, then authorized maintenance personnel only are permitted on the berms.

The left pistol bay is available for rental for training classes or for other shooting related events, and may not always be available for open shooting. Check the calendar under “Activities” on the Club website ( for availability. The right pistol bay is normally available for open shooting by members.

Pistol Ranges Layout


Aerial View of Left Pistol Range

Aerial View of Right Pistol Range

4. Rifle Range

The rifle range is equipped with safety lights, RED means the range is HOT; GREEN means the range is COLD.

The rifle range is located at the end of the driveway. It is nominally 200 meters long (it is actually somewhat longer) with intermediate berms at 40, 60 77, and 100 meters and features a covered firing line with storage at each end. The right-hand shed (facing downrange is used for storage of maintenance equipment, and is not available for members. The left-hand area is for storage of target stands, etc.

Shooting benches and rifle stands are provided in the covered area. Water is available at the rifle range, but has not been tested for drinking. Electricity is also available.

An NRA Small Bore Silhouette Match is held at the rifle range on the second Saturday of each month. All members and non-members are invited to participate in the match. For more information, contact the match director at phone: 803-725-8765; email: Participants should park in the grassy area across the driveway from the firing line, and keep the area immediately behind the firing line clear. During matches, the rifle range will not be available for open shooting by members.

There is a “Port-A-Potty” located up the driveway from the rifle range. Please try to keep it clean. If it is not clean when you go to use it, please notify the club Secretary. (CAUTION: During the warmer months, be on the lookout for wasps; they tend to congregate around and inside the Port-A-Potty.)

Rifle Range Layout

Aerial View of Rifle Range