Member's Handbook

CHAPTER IV.  Membership and Organization


Organizational Chart

The normal operation of the club is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the elected officers. Election of officers and their duties are defined in Sections 6 and 7 of the Club Bylaws (refer to CHAPTER III).

A basic organization chart is shown below (additional positions may be created from time-to-time for specific tasks).


Membership in the Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club is granted to a primary member and the immediate family of the primary member. "Immediate family" is defined as spouse and children under the age of 21. In order to use the range, the spouse must sign the member's oath and waiver of liability in addition to the primary member. If the spouse will use the range without presence of the primary member, they must request and be issued a membership card (picture badge). A second keycard can be issued to the spouse upon payment of the established keycard fee. Minors are never permitted to use the range unless accompanied by the primary member or a responsible adult approved by the Executive Committee.

Membership is based upon a calendar year. Renewal notices will be sent to members by email in early November. If a renewal notice is not received by December 1st, the member needs to contact the Secretary.

Signed renewal forms and dues payment must be received by the club prior to January 1 of the upcoming year. After January 1st, keycards will be disabled for members who have not renewed. Members may still renew until January 31, and their keycard will be reactivated. Renewals received after January 31 will NOT be processed.

Timely renewal is the responsibility of the member NOT the Club.