Member's Handbook



1958? 1960? The SRR&PC - Founded.

The club shot with the Shiloh Rifles, a black powder club, on the Boylston Farm, located west of New Holland near the South Edisto River on Camp Rawls Rd. The range consisted of a covered firing line with three ranges, a 50 yd. pistol range, a 100 yd., and a 200 yd. rifle range.

1975 – The SRR&PC became a NRA affiliated club with 86 members.

1978 - The Boylston Farm was sold and the range was closed. The loss of the Boylston Farm range left the club with limited access to private ranges while it searched for a new range.

1979 - The Huber Clay Co. land was leased for a new range. Lease was retracted before the planned shooting ranges could be completed due to neighbors complaining of too much noise.

1979 – 1980 A land lease was sought from Graniteville Co. Land was identified but a lease was never worked out. Membership 10.

1980 - The club secured the use of the Aiken Sheriff’s outdoor range, located on Wire Rd., for Saturday only shooting. Membership 35.

1994 - Present land purchased by the club, and a 100 yd. range was established. Membership 50.

2003 - Two 50 yd. pistol ranges added. Membership 80.

2013 – Maximum number of memberships allowed set at 350. Electronic gate installed.

2014 – Range fencing project started. Road frontage fenced.

2016/2017 – 100 yd rifle range replaced with 200 meter range.

This History was derived from very limited information and any one with more accurate or additional information, please provide it to the club Secretary.