Member's Handbook

CHAPTER I. Preamble


This Standard Operating Procedure describes the organization and operation of the Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club located in Aiken County, South Carolina (referred to herein as “the Club”).

It constitutes a "Member Handbook", and should be referred to by members when questions arise about the Club. As changes are made over time, they will be provided to the members. An up-to-date copy will be found on the Club web site at

It is also intended to be used as the textbook for an Orientation program to familiarize members with the Club facilities and rules to promote safe shooting and make the use of the Club facilities more enjoyable for all members.

During the Orientation, do not be afraid to ask questions at any time if you do not understand something or need further clarification. This Orientation is for your benefit.

Applicants for membership in the Club will be required to complete this Orientation before final approval and induction into the Club. Current members are encouraged to participate in the Orientation program and may be required to do so if observed violating any of the Club rules. There is no exam, but the Presenter will determine successful completion based on Applicant/Member attitude and participation.

NOTE: Violation of safety rules or continuing to violate a rule after notification may be cause for immediate loss of privileges to use Club facilities.

Under several rules discussed in the Standard Operating Procedure, the member may be required to “notify the Club” or “notify the Executive Committee” prior to performing certain activities. The required notification may be accomplished by emailing the Secretary at or by calling the Secretary at (803) 642-7062. Notification should be made sufficiently in advance of the planned activity to allow the Executive Committee to determine whether or not any problem may result from the planned activity which requires canceling or re-scheduling the activity.