Member's Handbook



Range Sign-In Logs

Every member and guest must sign in each time they visit the range (sign-in at either pistol range covers both pistol ranges, however, a separate sign-in is required for the rifle range).

The log books (blue binders)and Waiver of Liability forms (red binder) are located in a "mailbox" mounted to the firing line shelters.

Fill out the Log as follows:

1. Fill in the Date of your visit to the range.

2. The Member shall clearly print their Last Name and First Name.
  If you bring multiple guests or minor children to the range enter your name on the same line as each of your guests or children.

3. Each Guest shall clearly print their Last Name and First Name.
  A member bringing minor children to the range shall print their name(s) in the Guest area.

4. Each adult guest shall print the city and state where they normally reside.

5.  Each Guest is required to fill out a Waiver of Liability form (red binders) on each visit to the range. They shall check the "Waiver Signed?" column to indicate that they have done so.

6. Range Safety Officers (RSO) will check the log periodically, and will initial the "RSO CHECK" column and check at the top of the form to indicate the firing line/range. The RSO will remove completed log sheets from the binder and place them in the appropriate folder in the connex. As needed, the RSO will refill log books and Waiver of Liability forms from the supply in the connex. If supplies are getting low, the RSO will notify the Club Secretary at (803) 642-7062.