Membership Renewal

Membership is based upon a calendar year. Renewal notices will be sent to members by email in early November. If a renewal notice is not received by December 1st, the member needs to contact the Secretary.

Signed renewal forms and dues payment must be received by the club prior to January 1 of the upcoming year. After January 1st, keycards will be disabled for members who have not renewed. Members may still renew until January 31, and their keycard will be reactivated. Renewals received after January 31 will NOT be processed.

Timely renewal is the responsibility of the member NOT the Club.

Renewal forms may be filled out on line by clicking the BLUE button below (follow directions carefully) or by downloading the Renewal Form as a MSWord .doc file or an Adobe .pdf file. Whichever method you choose, keep the following requirements in mind:

  • You must mail in a filled out and signed Renewal Form with your dues payment. Payments received without the signed Renewal Form will be returned. Both spouses must sign the form if both will be using the range.
  • Because of variations in printer fonts, browser settings, etc., Renewal Forms may print out as more than one page. You must mail in All pages. Initial the bottom of each page that does not contain your signature.
  • If you fill out the form by hand, make sure it is legible.
  • Make sure that your current email address is on the Renewal Form. Email is the primary way the Club communicates with its members. (If your email address changes during the year, be sure to let us know.)