Family Membership: Our memberships are “Family Memberships” which include the Primary Member, spouse, and children under the age of 21. There is only one vote per membership regardless of the number of family members. Family members at the ranges must be accompanied by a Primary Member (an adult who signed the Membership Application) with the following exception. Spouses who wish to use the range must also sign the Applicant’s Oath (or Member’s Oath which is the same thing, but on a Renewal Form); Parents’ signatures also bind their minor children. Children are never permitted at the range unaccompanied by the Primary Member.

Dues/Fees: Annual dues for a family membership are $125.00, due January 1 each year; they are prorated for new members at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Current SC certified law enforcement officers, in the full-time employment of federal, local or state government, may join the club at a reduced rate of $62.50/year. Dues are not refundable.A one time $10.00 “Cardkey Fee” is also required with each new application for membership. If the Cardkey is ever lost or damaged, a $25.00 replacement fee will be collected before a replacement Cardkey is issued.

Becoming a Member: To submit an application for membership, please follow the guidelines below:


Download and print an application form. Application forms are available in two formats, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. If you are unable to download and print either of these formats, contact the club secretary at, and we will send you an application form. Be sure to submit all pages and initial each page to indicate that you have read and understood the rules on that page. Sign the last page where indicated.

— Check the current membership count at the bottom of this page (Note: The membership limit will be waived for new member applications from Current SC certified law enforcement officers, in the full-time employment of federal, local or state governments).

—- If the current membership is less than the membership limit, submit your application along with a check for the applicable dues payable to the club to the address on the application form. We will act on your application as soon as possible, but no later than the next business meeting following successful completion of the Orientation Program.

—- If the current membership is equal to or greater than the membership limit, you may still submit an application which will place you in a queue in the order in which your application is received. In this case, do not send a dues payment with the application. When a membership becomes available, you will be notified and will have two weeks to submit a check for dues. If the dues payment is not received within the two week period, your application will be moved to the end of the queue.

Applicants for membership are required to attend an Orientation Program approved by the Executive Committee (a $15.00 Orientation Fee, payable to the Presenter, applies). Upon successful completion of the Orientation Program, the Presenter will act as as the required sponsoring member for the applicant. Orientation is normally held on the second Saturday of each month. Approval and continuation of membership is subject to the limitations specified in the SRR&PC Bylaws.Applicants are issued a Member Handbook at the Orientation and are expected to follow all rules and regulations contained therein.

Upon approval of an application, a “Membership Packet” will be mailed to the new member which includes a “Cardkey”, and a membership card.

Membership Renewal: Membership renewal notices are sent out by email in early November (renewals are not permitted before November 1). A signed renewal form is required along with the dues payment to renew membership. If you do not receive a renewal notice by late November, contact the Club Secretary. Timely renewal is the responsibility of the member, NOT the Club. If you fail to renew before January 1, your privileges will be suspended; if you then do not renew by February 1, your membership will be terminated, and you will have to follow the procedures described above to apply as a new member (you will not be entitled to any dues pro-rating).