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SRRPC Newsletter 07/22/2017

Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club
P.O. Box 5337
Aiken, SC 29804

NRA # C7072 CMP # 037002


June 27, 2017 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by President Jim Samsel. Officers present were Jim Samsel, Jim Shaver, Roger Ward, Kevin Lilly and George Laverick. Two members were also present.


The minutes of the May 23, 2017 Executive Committee meeting were read by George Laverick and were accepted as read.


Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's report was given by Roger Ward. Current membership as of the meeting is 329.

Range Report

A work day was held at the range on Saturday, June 24. Sixteen members participated including the Executive Committee. All of the planned work was completed. Seven RSO reports were received for the April-May time frame. Evidence of rounds hitting the ground on the left pistol range was reported.

Armorer's Report

The Armorer's report was given by Kevin Lilly. There is no change to the status of the Club's firearms.

Old Business

Dues: George Laverick made the following motion:

I move that effective with 2018 renewals, we set the annual dues rate at $180.00 per year with the following adjustments:

Certified law enforcement officers employed full time in South Carolina by local, state or federal agencies will pay 1/2 the annual dues rate.

Effective November 1, 2017, dues for new members will be pro-rated according to the following schedule:

 January thru April: $180

 May thru July: $140

 August thru October: $115

 November thru December $180 *

 *(includes all of the following year)

Each member will receive a credit of $5.00 for each hour of service to the Club up to a maximum of one-half of their annual dues. Hours of service may be earned by participating in a work day, attending a committee meeting as a member of the committee (Executive Committee, Range Committee, etc.), performing Range Safety Officer duties, or as authorized by vote of the Executive Committee..

All credits earned will be applied toward the next year's dues and may not be carried over. Failure to renew before the January 1 deadline will result in loss of all credits..

After extensive discussion, it was decided that a planning session would be held in conjunction with the July Executive Committee meeting to address current costs of running the club (which are definitely greater than in the past) and plans for future improvements so that we can determine exactly what the needs are with respect to setting the dues for next year. The July 25th regular meeting will be held beginning at 7:00PM to be followed by the planning meeting. Members are invited to attend and express their wishes to the Executive Committee. The above motion is tabled pending the results of that meeting.

Recycling Brass: The company that contacted George Laverick about buying brass was contacted by Jim shaver. They would not be interested in as small a quantity of brass as we normally have available.

Mowing: The Executive Officer has decided to suspend mowing temporarily to allow the Bahia grass to re-seed itself.

New Business

Timber: The Club received a letter from a timber company inquiring about our interest in selling the timber on our land. The executive committee feels that the damage/disruption that logging operations would cause to the range as well as loss of sound buffering effects of the trees would make this undesirable. We will not respond to the offer.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:04PM.


The next Executive Committee meeting will be held at 7:00PM on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at the ADPS Indoor Range, 240 Dupont Drive, Aiken, SC. All members are welcome to attend. A planning meeting will follow the regular meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

George Laverick


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