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SRRPC Newsletter 03/16/2017
Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club
P.O. Box 5337
Aiken, SC 29804
NRA # C7072 CMP # 037002

February 28, 2017 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by President Jim Samsel. Officers present were Jim Samsel, Jim Shaver, Kevin Lilly and George Laverick. Several members were also present.

The minutes of the January 24, 2017 Annual Meeting and Executive Committee meeting were read by George Laverick and were accepted as read.

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer was not present so no Treasurer's report was given. George Laverick reported that the current paid up 2017 membership was 299 as of the meeting.

Armorer's Report
The Armorer's report was given by Kevin Lilly. There is no change to the status of the Club's firearms.

Range Report
The range report was given by Jim Shaver. All range work was completed on 2/16/2017. Failure to pick up spent cartridges, and people seem to still have a problem distinguishing between brass and steel.

Old Business

Dumpster: Since roger Ward was not present, no report was available on the status of the dumpster.

A Girl With a Gun: They have submitted an acceptable Shoot Plan to the Club and have scheduled their event for the afternoon of Sunday, March 12, 2017.
(Secretary's note: The evnt was cancelled because of poor weather conditions, and will be re-scheduled.)

NJROTC: Jim Samsel has not yet contacted the Aiken High School NJROTC instructor. He will contact him and see if he can recommend contacts at the other schools.

Gate: George Laverick brought up the question of an automatic lock for the gate. A discussion was held about possible issues, but no firm decision was reached.

FONRA Dinner: The FONRA dinner is March 17. 160 tickets have been sold out of 250 available. (Secretary's note: Tickets sold out as of March 10.)

New Business

Glen Dolphin: One of our members, Glen Dolphin died on February 19, 2017. Glen was an FBI agent, a firefighter, and was in the Marine Corps stationed in Lebanon at the time of the terrorist attack on the Marine barracks. George Laverick moved that the Club donate $100.00 in Glen's name to the organization "Behind the Badge". The motion was approved.

Range Rules: At our Annual Meeting, one of the mebers made suggestions concerning the range rules that he felt would improve safety. The point was also made that the signs at the range were to "busy" with all the rules printed on one sign. In order to remedy this, George Laverick re-wrote the rules (most rules are actually unchaged) to re-organize the rules into groups: Saftey, Operations, and Administration. The Executive Committee reviewed the suggested changes and approved the new rules with a few changes. The new rules have been published on the website.

Gate Phone: George Laverick reported that he is unable to reliably connect to the modem at the gate from his home because his home phone service is VOIP and recommended that we discontinue the gate phone service. He would drive out to the gate once a week to upload/downloiad data. The rest of the Executive Committee felt that he should not have to drive out to the range to do this. The Executive Committee recommended that the club have a wireline phone installed at George's house if the service is available. (Secretary's note: The wireline phone has been installed and the connection to the modem does work. A side issue is that because of the switch from VOIP to wireline, the club phone number has changed from (803)400-3590 to (803)642-7062.)

Shelving: Jim Shaver has found some shelving that could be used in the storage area at the rifle range. Three units would cost $150. The Executive Committee authorized the purchase.

Signs: Jim Shaver recommended that we put up signs "Authorized Vehicles Only" at the rifle range. The Committee recommended that he also put a cable across to prevent vehicle access, and some type of indicator (flag?) at the firing line to indicate when someone is down range.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:51PM.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held at 7:00PM on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at the ADPS Indoor Range, 240 Dupont Drive, Aiken, SC. All members are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

George Laverick

Remember the new phone number for the club is: (803)642-7062.

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