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SRRPC Newsletter 07/07/2015

Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club
P.O. Box 5337
Aiken, SC 29804

NRA # C7072 CMP # 037002

June 28, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President, Jim Samsel. Officers present were Jim Samsel, Joe Podesta, David Nichols, George Laverick, and Roger Ward. Two members were present in addition to the officers.


The minutes of the May 24, 2015 Executive Committee meeting were read by George Laverick and were accepted as read.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's report was given by Roger Ward.

Range Report

The stolen fence has been replaced. No invoice has been received as yet. The 1x2 stakes are getting shot up pretty rapidly.

Armorer's Report

Although the Armorer was absent, he sent notice that the repaired op rod should be returned within the next 10 days.

Old Business

Plate Rack: No new information to report.

Range Officers: Daniel Wood will get in touch with George Laverick to schedule RSO training for the remaining RSO candidates. A discussion was held concerning storage of the sign-in logs and waiver forms. Possibilities discussed were patio cabinets, realtor's brochure holders, mailboxes or build our own. Jim Shaver volunteered to further research the subject and report back.

Fence: We had considered buying a small piece of land adjoining the range to make locating the fence easier. Unfortunately, that land is tied up in probate, and ownership may not be resolved for several years. Jim Samsel has taken two potential clearing contractors down through the property, and both say the work is doable. The path he showed them would go down through the bottom of the gully behind the rifle range. This concerned several of the Committee members so it was decided that a special meeting of the Executive Committee would be held at the range on the morning of July 6 to walk the perimeter and decide the best route for the fence.

The meeting was held on July 6, and it was decided that the chain link fence would be routed to avoid all gullies. This will place the chain link fence some distance inside the property line in some locations, but this should not be a problem since the old wire fence will be left in place, and the property between the two fences is not usable in any case. Joe Podesta will write a Statement of work for the clearing contractors to bid the job.

New Business

CMP Clinic/Match: Mark Meyer indicated that he is certified by the CMP to conduct CMP sanctioned military rifle clinics and matches. He suggested that the club sponsor a clinic some time this fall if their is interest by the members. If the clinic is successful, it may be possible to schedule regular matches.

Members could use their own rifles and ammunition (any military rifle) or use one of the club M1 Garands (only ammunition purchased from the club may be used in the club owned Garands). Other than the cost of ammo, there would be a very nominal donation requested to cover the cost of targets, etc.

If you are interested, let one of the officers know!

Indoor Range: Joe Podesta reported that he had sold brass collected at the indoor range and delivered the proceeds to the City.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40PM.

All members are invited and encouraged to attend one of the New Member Orientation sessions. The next orientation is scheduled on July 25, 2015 at 9:30AM at the left pistol range. Please notify the Secretary if you plan to attend.

Members may also stop by the orientation to have their pictures taken for their ID badge (no appointment needed).

NOTE: No targets should be placed on or in front of the plate rack. This is a safety issue!

The RIGHT pistol range will be reserved for the Boy Scouts from Noon on Friday, July 31 through 2:00PM on Saturday, August 1. This is a departure from our normal policy of only reserving the left pistol range, but it was felt that, because of the plate rack situation, more firing positions would be available for members on the left pistol range.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be at 7:00PM on July 26, 2015 at the ADPS Indoor Range, 240 Dupont Drive, Aiken, SC.

Respectfully submitted,

George Laverick


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