Newsletter - October 2009


SRRPC Newsletter- October, 2009

P.O.Box 5337- Aiken, SC 29802

NRA# C7072- DPA# C0351- CMP# 37002

Executive Committee Minutes


  • Meeting opened at 7:07 P.M. at Shoney's/Aiken with committee members Podesta, Ward, Overstreet, Krippner present.
  • Minutes of 08/23/09 approved as published.
  • Treasurer- Healthy financials with 115 members.
  • Range- Added 1 1/2 day rental last Thursday and Friday. -Steel targets are holding up well, with only a few dings on the edges! -Signs for SRRPC, hours, members only, pistol ranges and rifle range have been installed.

Old Business-

  • D & O insurance not needed, per insurance broker, since General Public Liability Insurance covers accidents or deaths; D & O covers only decisions made with regards to financial dealings and losses due to executive decisions. Committee agreed to pass on this issue at this time.
  • A new weedeater is needed and Executive Committee approved that Roger buy one on sale at Sears for $203.00. He will carry with him for accessibility and security. Motion by Overstreet, second by Krippner.
  • New member applications approved: Billy Lander, Bob Snyder, Jeffery P. Schultzenhofer, Kenneth R. Ziomek, John H. Behre, Elton Wood, Mark Herron, William D. Lane, Samuel David Norris, John Motycka, William B. Butler. Motion by Krippner, second by Ward.

NOTE -Please Remember and Follow!!!

New restriction to allow only handguns and rimfire rifles on pistol ranges. Absolutely no centerfire cartridges (rifle or handguns) on pistol ranges. No shot larger than 7 1/2 or shotgun slugs. Motion by Overstreet, second by Krippner. Unanimous.


-Meeting ended at 8:02 P.M.

-Next meeting on October 25 at Shoney's in Aiken.

-Upcoming Gun Shows: 11/14 & 15- Columbia- Jamil Temple

12/12 & 13- Columbia- AC State Fair
Henry E. Krippner,

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