Newsletter - September 2009


SRRPC News-September 2009

P.O.Box 5337-Aiken, SC 29802

NRA# C 7072- DPA# C0351- CMP# 37002

Executive Committee Minutes


  • Opened at 7:10 P.M. with Podesta, Krippner, Ward, Overstreet and Samsel present. One guest was John Zentz.
  • Minutes of July meeting were approved.
  • Treasurer Ward reported 109 members and healthy treasury.
  • Executive Officer Overstreet reported "No incidents" on the range, grass is good, "new signs are going up this week", our gate lock is OK.
  • Approved installation of privacy hedgerow to be installed by Cold Creek Nurseries: 100 ft./(25) 3 gal. Eastern Red Cedars/Peat Moss/fertilizer/anticipated cost of $900. Also approved purchase of 200 ft. of hose for startup water. Unanimous vote.
  • D & O insurance cost will be studied by Krippner.
  • Samsel will update website.

- Upcoming Gun Shows:

10/10 & 11- Augusta- National Guard Armory 563-927-8176

11/14 & 15- Columbia- Jamil Temple

12/12 & 13- Columbia- SC State Fair


-Meeting ended at 8:34 P.M.

-Next meeting at Shoney's at 7P.M. on 9/27/09.

Henry E. Krippner,

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