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SRRPC Newsletter 05/19/2013

Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club
P.O. Box 5337
Aiken, SC 29804

NRA # C7072 CMP # 037002

April 28, 2013 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President, Jim Samsel. Officers present were Jim Samsel, Joe Podesta, George Laverick, and Roger Ward. Several members and guests were also present.


Minutes of the March 24, 2013 meeting were read by George Laverick, and were accepted as read.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's report was given by Roger Ward.

Range Report

The Executive Officer was not present. However, he submitted his report via email, the text of which follows:

I have spent about 10 hours at the range getting the sprinkler system
replaced and cleaning up. The weather was not always cooperative. The
valves have been replaced but one zone is not working. I may have selected
the wrong wire to connect to controller. Did not help that my meter decided
to die on me. I will try to go back on Sunday after Church but have to be
back for a meeting at 1700 (5pm). This will be to check wiring and finish
replacing the damaged heads.

I will be out of town Friday afternoon till late Saturday. I will also be
out of the country Tuesday for about a week. So, I will miss the next
meeting but please use this as my report. The bill for parts was $252.80.
I get the receipt turned in when I can.

I removed 8 bags of trash, broken chair, some pipe, and some shot up stakes.
Someone really needs to learn to aim! Again, some of this was not range
trash unless someone is bringing a microwave to heat food.


Fixed a leak, ok, I missed gluing one joint. No other leaks. Left the
system on. One zone not working so I will check on it when I get back in
town. I will also look for some one (a business) to maintain the range as
discussed with Jim and Joe on Sunday. May also consider calling for member
workdays at the range.

Armorer's Report

The Armorer was not present, but Jim Samsel reported that there is no change to the status of the club's rifles.

Old Business

Joe Podesta reported that he and Jim Samsel had made a final survey of the 300 yard range and have staked out the locations of the shooting positions. Changes need to be made to the drawing in the SOW for ground work. As soon as those changes are made, the SOW will be ready for issue to prospective contractors. Seven potential contractors have been identified. Members are asked to provide the names of anyone they know who might be interested in bidding on the work. The Executive Committee will need to give fianal approval before the SOW is released to contractors. Jim Samsel pointed out that it may also be possible to include target stations at 100 yards in addition to the 200 yard and 300 yard stations previously discussed. Roger Ward suggested that we might be able to buy a strip of land from the Jacksons touse as a path to get to the target areas since it is already cleared. Jim Samsel suggested that even iof they do not want to sell, we might be able to get permission to use their road.

Jim Samsel has sent a design drawing to Chuck Novak for target stands. Chuck will let us know the cost when he finds out the price of the stands.

Liability issues resulting from loaning club rifles was discussed. George Laverick had not yet spoken to an attorney, but Roger Ward did contact the NRA insurance people, and they said the club would be covered under our existing policy. A discussion about use of the M1's was held. No vote was taken, but general consensus was that, because of the importance of using the proper ammo and powder charge the club should no longer loan out the M1's and keep them for special occasions such as an M1 match where the club approves the ammo. The issue will be acted on at the next meeting when the Armorer is present.

George Laverick presented a quote from Cacee Enterprises of West Columbia to install a cardkey operated gate at the range. The quote was $9,952.24, and included a 14 foot heavy duty pipe gate supported by 6x6 posts with an electric operator, card operated controller and 500 cards. Aiken Electric was contacted about the best way to provide power for the gate and recommended installing a new transformer and meter at the gate; there would be no charge to the club except for the monthly bill for electric service. George made a motion that we accept the quote, authorizeAiken Electric to install the transformer, and set a fee of $25 to replace lost cardkeys. After a number of questions were raised by the other officers, the motion was tabled until the next meeting pending receipt of answers to several questions about the gate installation. George will contact Cacee Enterprises for more information. There was consensu that, if such a gate is installed, the club will collect a $25 deposit from each member for the cardkey; if the member leaves the club for any reason, the deposit will be refunded oupon return of the cardkey.

Roger Ward reported that Bill Bigelow had turned the RSO training materials in to him. Jim Samsel stated that he is trying to locate another trainer so that we can complete training of additional Range Safety Officers. If any member knows someone who is certified by the NRA to teach the Range Safety Officer course, please contact either Jim Samsel or George Laverick.

Jim Samsel reported that the Project Appleseed people were pleased with our range, but had a limited turnout for their course because of scheduling it on Easter weekend. The Executive Committee members suggested that we invite Project Appleseed to put on their course about once per quarter.

An email addressed to the Treasurer asked if we had sent out the money to the high school ROTC groups. Roger Ward said that he had requested information at the last meeting where to send it, but as yet has not received that information. Jim Samsel will follow up to get the information.

New Business

One new member was accepted into the club.

Roger Ward stated that he believes the NRA is currently running a special offer of Lifetime Membership for $300.00. Club members who are interested should contact the NRA for details.

Joe Podesta said he has received a letter asking for financial assistance to send a local shooter to an international competition. Joe failed to bring the letter with him, but will follow-up with an email to the officers.

Joe Podesta moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded, adjourned.


George Laverick, Secretary

The next Executive Committee Meeting will be on May 26, 2013 at 7:00 PM in the ADPS Indoor Range.

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