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SRRPC News-July, 2009

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 Executive Committee Minutes

June 28, 2009

  • Executive Committee 28/06/09- Held at Shoney's in Aiken at 7 PM.
  • Attendance: Jim Samsel, Roger Ward, Terry Overstreet, Kevin Lilly, Henry Krippner. Guests: Hank Dingfelder, John Zentz. Meeting opened at 7:15 PM.
  • Treasurer's Report- Currently 102 members- A Club record- and a healthy treasury.
  • Executive Officer Report- Range is good- Thanks to Roger for cutting grass and maintaining at $10/hr. CWP schedules are working out O.K.
  • Armorer- No report.
  • Old Business- Thanks to Roger for ordering and receiving our new targets; He has them on his trailer and will get help to set them up on the range.


NOTE: We are instructing all of our members to shoot no magnum or above 30 caliber shells at our targets at 100 yards. No steel core bullets!!!!!!


  • We now have new benches on the rifle range. We have approved R.R. ties for bases for targets to stabilize and secure them.
  • We are also going to use ties for the pistol ranges.
  • Roger will get cost for one million dollars D & O insurance for each officer.
  • For next month's meeting, we would like input from our members on "New Member Training" and " 7 1/2 shot max shells on the range", both were suggestions by the NRA advisor. Decisions will be made next month.
  • Letters are being prepared to remind the ADPS and Sheriffs' Office of their welcome to use our ranges on a schedule.
  • Cold Creek has supplied us with prices for planting a 200 foot living privacy fence to shield shooters from the road observers. With new info next month, we will conclude this topic.
  • New Business- Roger will get lawn mower repaired- Samsel will contact an available gun collection owner re sale.
  • New members- Approved: John Zentz, Hank Dingfelder. Kevin made motion/ Henry seconded/ Unanimous approval.
  • Meeting ended at 8:50 PM.
  • Next meeting will be held at Shoney's on Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 7 PM.
    Henry E. Krippner,

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