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SRRPC Newsletter 04/01/2012  

Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club

P.O. Box 5337

Aiken, SC 29804


NRA # C7072 CMP # 037002


March 25, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President, Jim Samsel at 7:03 PM. Officers present were Jim Samsel, Joe Podesta, George Laverick, and Kevin Lilly. Several members and guests were also present.




Minutes of the February 26, 2012 meeting were read by George Laverick, and were accepted as read.


Treasurer's Report


The Treasurers report was not given since the Treasurer was absent. As of the meeting, their were 181 members.


Range Report


The Executive Officer was unable to attend the meeting but sent a written report which was read by George Laverick and is included here:


.MEMORANDUM for SRRPC Executive Committee

FROM: Tom Moore, Executive Officer

SUBJECT: Range Report

DATE: March 25, 2012


Colleagues, I regret I can’t attend the March 25 Executive Committee meeting because of a long-standing prior commitment. I’m taking this opportunity to report on range matters in writing, and ask that it be made part of the minutes of the March 25 meeting.


  1. Range Safety Officer Course. Pursuant to an approved motion by the Executive Committee I successfully completed the NRA Range Safety Officer Course conducted by Paladin Services in Columbia on February 25. My thanks to the Club for covering the course fee. Using this training I plan to draft a Range Operation and Safety SOP that might offer some indemnity to the Club in case of a serious accident or incident on the range. Also, as time permits, I plan to continue taking steps toward an orientation for new members on range safety, range rules, and responsible behavior on the range. While I don’t believe we want to burden ourselves with unnecessary bureaucracy and administrative procedures, it’s possible that such an orientation would provide a degree of “quality control” in our membership, and cut down on irresponsible behavior, like the recent destruction of one of the new steel targets on the rifle range less than a week after Roger Ward installed them.


  1. New Targets. Speaking of which, Roger Ward placed two new ‘lollipop’ targets and two steel poppers on the 100-yard line of the rifle range and two steel swingers at the 40-yard line of the middle pistol range. Our thanks to Roger. This constituted some expense to the Club and considerable effort on Roger’s part, and we need to do all we can to keep irresponsible shooters from damaging the remaining targets.


  1. Re-Surfacing Entrance. Pursuant to an approved motion by the Executive Committee I contracted with Ed Coward of Aiken to spread a truck-load of crush-and-run in the range entrance road. This eliminated the standing puddle which members often had to wade across to open the gate. I have not yet received Ed Coward’s invoice, but his original bid was for $560, with the possibility of a slight additional surcharge because of the distance to the site.


  1. Range Extension / Expansion. The Range Expansion Committee held its initial meeting at my home on March 7 to begin the process of extending or expanding the rifle range, which is a top priority of Members according to the recent survey. The Committee is composed of Jim Samsel, Joe Podesta, Hank Dingfelder, Ken Koerner, Joe Zentz, and Tom Moore. At the March 7 meeting we decided on a physical survey of the range to better identify practical expansion options, and we walked the site and chopped and marked lanes on March 11.


During the site survey we located several possible lanes, including one that angles off to the right of the current 100-yard range and should give us 300 yards Known Distance with a minimum of earth moving and grading (and thus is less costly).


Joe Podesta has drafted a Statement of Work for a potential contractor, which the Committee is reviewing and refining. In sum, progress toward a possible new 300-yard range is going forward, thanks to the hard work of the Committee, whom I also personally thank for their skill, knowledge, and commitment to this important task.



Respectfully submitted,

Tom Moore

Executive Officer


Armorer's Report


The club currently has one M1 available for loan to members. There are three .22s available, however, two need parts to be usable.


Old Business


Jim Samsel reported on the status of the Rifle Range Extension Committee. Four possible scenarios have been investigated; there were some negative issues with each plan. One plan needs further on site investigation since the issues arose using Google Earth information which may be inaccurate. If that plan is workable, it may be possible to extend the range to 300 yards.


New Business


Kevin Lilly reported that the current replacement cost of the club rifles is significatly higher than our current valuation. Some of the rifles have been loaned out to members for several years. Kevin suggested that we may need to call the rifles back in for re-valuation and re-issue. Jim stated that the M1s are all in excellent condition and that their value has definitely increased since the club received them. He recommended that we call the guns beack in and require members who wish to check them out to receive training in proper use and care of the M1. Jim asked Kevin to come up with a proposal for the next meeting to call the guns back in, re-value them and decide how we want to control them in the future.


Jim announced that we may have an opportunity to re-establish our ability to shoot at the ADPS indoor range. Joe Podesta has drafted a letter from Jim to the new ADPS Chief. Copies of the letter were distributed to those present for review. Our liability insurance still covers the use of the ADPS range.

Henry Krippner will present the letter to the Chief on Monday, March 26, with an offer for Jim Samsel to meet with the Chief.


One new member was accepted into the club.


Joe Podesta moved to adjourn the meeting. Kevin Lilly seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 7:44PM.


Ryans Steakhouse is closed effective 3/25/2012 so we need to find a new location for our Executive Committee meetings. If anyone has a suggestion for a good location, please contact the Secretary (or one of the other officers). The next meeting will be held April 28 22, 2012, location TO BE DETERMINED.


George Laverick



There will be a gun show at Odell Weeks Center in Aiken on April 21 and 22. This is a first for Aiken. Let's all make sure to participate so they will come back!

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