Newsletter - June 2009


SRRPC News-June, 2009

P.O.Box 5337-Aiken, SC 29802


Executive Committee Minutes

May 24, 2009

  • Opened at 7:14 PM at Shoney's in Aiken with Jim Samsel, Roger Ward, Terry Overstreet present, with guest members Cecil Cadwaller and Bob Shultz.
  • April meeting minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer reported that our membership is up to 97 currently.
  • Executive Officer advised the range reservations scheduled for June and informed us of a need to employ cleanup and mowing person for 8 hours per month.
  • Old Business-New targets were ordered for both pistol and rifle ranges. They will be shipped in late June and installed.
  • Our liability insurance was renewed 02/10/09 at $1,000,000.00.
  • The NRA advisor which we hired has recommended several items for improvement of our operation:-Acquire Director and Officer liability insurance. -Develop training for new members. -Background checks (or Ch P's) for new members. -Shotguns-7 1/2 shot max. -Train and use range safety officers. -No concealed, loaded, weapons on the range. -Signs re Private/Members Only/ hours of operation/ Safety rules on ranges. -Emergency phone numbers on the ranges. -Maintain barriers to prevent vehicle entry into ranges by accident.
  • Our rifle bench construction is in progress.
  • Henry Krippner will obtain quotes on cost of screen plantings to avoid observation from the road.
  • Meeting closed at 9 PM.

Henry E. Krippner,

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