Newsletter - December 2011


SRRPC Newsletter 12/01/2011 

Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club

P.O. Box 5337

Aiken, SC 29804

NRA # C7072 CMP # 037002

 November 27, 2011 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

*Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President-Jim Samsel at Ryan's in Aiken.

 Officers present were Jim Samsel, Joe Podesto, George Laverick, Roger Ward, and Kevin Lilly.

 Recognized a total of 13 members/visitors.

*Treasurer's report was provided by Roger: Financial position is in good

standing. 192 members at this time.

*Armorer's report provided by Jim in Mikes absence-3 (M-1's) and 6 (22's)

available for use by Club members.

*Executive Officer Range Report by George: Ranges are in good shape. Lollipop

target on rifle range being repaired  following target failure.

*Secretary report by Kevin: Last meeting minutes read and accepted as written.

*Old Business:

George presented estimate for electronic gate at the Range entrance. Estimate includes provided cards

and installation, does not include electricity to gate site. Estimate received of $12,700. Member Ken Koerner was   present and offered to assist George to develop needed list of material and scope for additional cost saving for   alternative installation.

Jim provided (non-binding) quote to extend rifle range to 200 yards including drainage. This work would include raising the present 100 yard range and moving the berm area to 200 yards.

Approximately five pieces of equipment and a   week of work to complete. Cost estimate of $28,400. No action at this time.

Signed By-Laws provided to George for placement on Club web-site. Originals will be placed into files upon return.

New business cards have not been ordered as of this meeting.

*New Business:

Member Ken Koerner asked about purchase of target backers for member use. If anyone has interest of

  purchasing target backers for a bulk rate, call Ken at (803) 341-9807 or .

Gate combination to be changed on February 1, 2012.

Joe made motion to move the next meeting from December 25 to December 18 at 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., second by George. All-in-Favor. This meeting will start one hour early from normal

monthly meetings.

Nominations for Board  members will be accepted from the floor at the December meeting for the annual meeting/election in January.

John Heffenstrayer will be compiling results from the member survey and providing results at the next meeting.

Roger made motion to accept Dallas Pennington as a new member, second by Joe.


NOTE: The Forum on the Club Website is always open for anything you care to post

about the range or Club. Questions, informal competitions, sell items,

improvements, etc. Start something and see where it goes.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m., motion by Joe, second by George, all approved



Next meeting, Sunday, December 18, 2011, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Ryan's in Aiken,

South Carolina.


Next gun show at SC STATE FAIRGROUNDS: December 10-11, 2011. Saturday 9-5 and

Sunday 10-4.  


Kevin B. Lilly

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