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February 27, 2011 Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes

*Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President-Jim Samsel at Ryan's in
Officers present were Jim Samsel, George Laverick, Mike Johnson, Roger Ward,
and Kevin Lilly
Recognized a total of 19 visitors.
*George made motion to accept minutes from last meeting as written, second by
Roger. Motion passed.
*Treasurer's report was provided by Roger: Financial position is in good
standing. 116 members processed.
*Armorer's report provided by Mike-5 (M-1's) and 5 (22's) available for use by
Club members.
*Executive Officer Range Report by George: Range in good condition. As a
reminder, please no trash in the brass
buckets. RED buckets will be provided at the firing lines for live unfired

*Old Business: We are continuing to clean up the membership list.

*New Business: The Civilian Marksmenship Program (CMP) was requested by multiple
members to stay current.

This connection costs the Club about $50.00 a year. Mike made a motion to
re-establish CMP membership, second
by George. All-in-Favor.
Gate combination change is on hold for now. Will notify membership of change
when the combination changes.
The question of policy for members bringing guests to the range was asked.
Response of 3 visits by (guest) and the
guest is expected to join. Out of State visitors not applicable.
Nominations Committee resulted in no nominations from the floor. The existing
Executive Committee is on the slate
for renomination. The floor will still be open at the March meeting for
additional nominations.

New members: Voted to accept 10 new members at the meeting. All-in-Favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m., motion by George, second by Mike, all approved

Next meeting, March27, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Ryan's in Aiken, South Carolina.

Hank Dingfelder has offered to be a point of contact with members for an order
of cast bullets from

APPOLO BULLET CORPORATION. If you have interest for reloading these bullets you
can contact Hank at

803-643-3257 or by email at

Many thanks to George for his continued work on the Club website!
A new section has been added to the Club Website: The Forum is open to everyone
and we encourage participation!

Club Officer Elections are coming in March! Nominations for Club Officers will
be accepted at the March meeting.


Kevin B. Lilly

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