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SRRPC Newsletter 08/17/2010
NRA # C7072

SRRPC                                                IDPA #
P.O. Box 5337,
Aiken, SC 29804           CMP # 37002

July 25, 2010 Board
Meeting Meetings

*Meeting called to order by President-Jim Samsel at Ryan's in Aiken.
Officers present were Jim Samsel, Joe Podesta, David Weikle, Mike Johnson,
Roger Ward, Kevin Lilly
Visitors present-9
Minutes read from last meeting: Minutes accepted as written.

*Treasurer's report was provided: Financial position is in good standing, 126
members on the books.

*Armorer's report-7 (M-1's) and 5 (22's) available for use by Club members.

*Executive Officer Report, provided by David: Right Pistol bay concrete work is
complete and is available for use.

Location at left hand drain box where erosion was causing problems was raised
by the Contractor. Rain water from

roof on shelters at the Pistol bays is causing additional erosion-"French"
drains suggested at ends of shelters/or gutters.
Pressure adjustment at well pump helped output at soaker hose and
sprinklers-working a lot better. Thanks to Terry

Overstreet and his wife for organizing and cleaning of the Conex. Thanks to
Wilbur Whitman for building and

installing a display board at the range.

*Old Business: Install concrete pads under Pistol Bays. Left Pistol Bay concrete
work to start after the first week of

August. Motion by Mike, second by Joe, to sell extra lawnmower trailer.

**For Sale: New in box lawnmower dump trailer: 10 cubic feet, black in
color, metal. $75.00 **

*New Business: Request by Rex Lutz for distribution of Match results to
membership. Secretary agreed to forward

these results.
Motion by David, second by Joe, to allow Wilbur Whitman to serve as an
assistant Range Officer. All-In-Favor.
Accepted five applicants as new members: Tom McDonnell, Patrick Richards,
Teresa Spires,

Charles Robinson and Jerry O'Conner. Motion to accept by Kevin, second by Joe.

*Upcoming Events: Please see attached flyer.

Everyone is always encouraged to attend the BOD meeting at Ryan's.
Next meeting this Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at Ryan's in Aiken, SC.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m., motion by Joe, second by David, all approved


Kevin B. Lilly

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