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SRRPC Newsletter 07/21/2010



P.O. Box 5337, Aiken, SC 29804        

NRA # C7072   CMP # 37002  IDPA # C0351 


                                                         June 27, 2010 Board Meeting Meetings


*Meeting called to order at 7:20 p.m. by VP-Joe Podesta at Ryan's in Aiken.

 Officers present were Joe Podesta, Mike Johnson, Roger Ward, Kevin Lilly

 Kevin read minutes from last meeting: Minutes accepted as written.


*Treasurer's report was provided: Financial position is in good standing, 126 members on the books.


*Armorer's report-7 (M-1's) and 5 (22's) available for use by Club members.


*Executive Officer Report, provided by Terry Overstreet in David's absence: Mower has been replaced, discussion on  what to do with old mower. Soaker hoses in place and working, seem to be helping trees/shrubs recover. Well output 

 seems low flow condition-sprinklers not providing full coverage.


*New Business: Accepted four applicants as new members; Jeff Monson, Joseph Kupcha, Anthony Ribando, and

 Charles Ribando. Kevin made motion to accept. Mike seconded. All-In-Favor.


*Old Business: Install concrete pads under Pistol Bays-additional discussion for a concern of the waterlines/spigots that

 are in place currently, and leveling under shelters as needed for work. Mike made motion for Kim Hodges to perform

 concrete work on shelters with needed changes (including) leveling under shelters as needed, possible movement of

 PVC and spigots and Handicap Ramp on each shelter. Roger seconded. All-In-Favor.


 *Additional Old Business: Still asking for input from membership on this issue. Discussion of including work days at   

 the ranges and/or raising membership dues to improve the facilities. Such as; by working at a "work day"

 would preclude an increase in your membership dues (with at least 4 "work days" available annually), or Raising

 annual membership dues to pay for improvements.

 Input from membership is being requested on this subject. Talk to your Board members or attend a Board

 meeting on the fourth Sunday at Ryan's at 7:00 p.m., or submit input at the website for BOD discussion.

 Everyone is always encouraged to attend the BOD meeting at Ryan's.


Next meeting this Sunday, July 25, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at Ryan's in Aiken, SC.





 Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m., motion by Roger, second by Kevin, all approved motion.



                                                                        Kevin B. Lilly


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