Newsletter - May 2010


*SRRPC Newsletter 05/04/10*

*P.O.Box 5337- Aiken, SC 29804*

*NRA#C7072-IDPA#C0351- CMP#37002*



*11/04/10 Board Meeting Minutes*


  - Meeting opened at 7:15 PM at Ryan's in Aiken (special meeting

  substituted for 03/28/10 with no quorum.) Officers present were Krippner,

  Lilly, Samsel, Overstreet and Podesta. Members and Guests present were D.

  Weikle, David Love, Peter Semko, Bob Schultz, Woody Woodward, Rex Lutz,

  Honora Laverick, George Laverick, and Barbara Woodward.

  - Treasurer's report (given by Lilly) was that we have 105 members and a

  healthy financial position.

  - Exective Officer Overstreet- Range is in good condition, signs are up,

  drainage project starts next week.

  - Armorer Lilly- 7 (M-1's) and 5 (22's) available for use.

  - Nominations opened- Lilly's nomination of David Weikle for E.O. and

  Podesta's nomination of Lilly for secretary were both accepted and

  unanimously approved by the members present. Officers for the coming year



President: Jim Samsel

Vice President: Joe Podesta

Executive Officer: David Weikle

Treasurer: Roger Ward

Secretary: Kevin Lilly

Congratulations! We know you will all make our Club better and proud.


  - Our website will now be maintained by George Laverick, who volunteered

  to replace John Pearson. Thanks to John- Thanks to George!

  - Ryan’s will be our new meeting place on Whiskey Road in Aiken. Next

  meeting will be on May 23 at 7 PM.

  - Membership application for Peter Semko, Jr. was approved on motion by

  Krippner, second by Podesta.

  - Rifles on 2 Saturday will continue, per Rex Lutz.

  - Cowboy’s Shoot on 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday in Columbia, per Kevin

  Lilly (803-663-0590.)

  - Guns Shows nearby: Columbia- June 12-13 Fairgrounds and July 24-25


  - New Secretary Kevin Lilly will provide minutes henceforth. It’s been

  my pleasure to work with our officers these last several years- I hope to

  attend occasional meeting and help out when possible.


Meeting closed at 8:30 PM.

Henry E. Krippner,

*** For your information, John Heffentreyer ( has offered
help to members who are handloading. A big thank you to John!


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