Special Notice - April 2010





To SRRP Club members, due to not having a quorum at the March meeting,

elections of club officers could not be held, and per club bylaws elections

must be rescheduled. A special meeting to elect new club officers has been

scheduled for Sunday April 11 at 7 PM, in Ryan's meeting room on Whiskey

Road. The meeting room is to the far right after entering. The meeting

room will be open at 6 PM for those who wish to meet the club officers and

enjoy a good meal.


The following list of nominations has been presented by the nominating



President Jim Samsel

Vice-President Joseph Podesta

Secretary Kevin Lilly

Treasurer Roger Ward

Armorer Mike Johnson

Executive Officer David Weikle


Nominations will be accepted from the floor.


If a quorum is not available at the meeting, current officers will serve

until all vacancies can be filled following club bylaws. All members are

encouraged to attend.


Jim Samsel, President

Henry E. Krippner,


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