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Application for membership requires successful completion of the approved Orientation Program (a $15.00 Orientation Fee applies). Approval and continuation is subject to the limitations specified in the SRRPC bylaws.

Annual dues for a family membership are $125, due January 1 of each year. New family memberships are available at the cost shown below:
January through April $125     May through July $100     August through October $80
     November and/or December plus all of next year $125
Current Certified law enforcement officers, in the employment of federal, local or state government and serving in South Carolina, pay one-half rate. Once accepted as a member, dues are NOT refundable.

In addition, each new member is required to pay a one-time “cardkey” fee of $10 at time of application. If a cardkey is lost or damaged, a $25.00 replacement fee will be required before a new cardkey is issued to the member.

Membership in this club gives you permission to use the shooting facilities at our outdoor range in accordance with the General Range Rules.  Please review the following current General Range Rules and initial at the bottom of each page to indicate that you understand and agree to abide by each rule.

Savannah River Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.
General Range Rules
Adopted August 27, 2019


SFT.1    Rules of Safe Gun Handling MUST be observed at ALL times:
SFT.1.1 Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
SFT.1.2 Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
SFT.1.3 Identify your target and what is beyond it.
SFT.1.4 Never point a firearm at anything you do not want to shoot.
SFT.1.5 Ensure the firearm and ammunition are in good working condition and that only the correct ammunition is used.
SFT.1.6 Always keep the action open except when preparing to shoot and always keep your finger out of the trigger guard until ready to fire.

SFT.2 Abstain from alcohol and other drugs before and during shooting.

SFT.3 No uncased/unholstered firearms are permitted anywhere except on a firing line unless the action is open and no magazine is in the firearm. No firearms shall be made ready to fire unless the firing line is “HOT”.

SFT.4 No one is allowed down range until a Range Officer has declared that the “RANGE IS COLD”. Anyone not going downrange must remain at least two feet from any firearm. NO ONE is permitted to handle any firearm when the range is cold.

SFT.5 No firearms may be carried down range except securely holstered pistols or revolvers. If any firearms are left at or behind the firing line when shooters are downrange, all firearms will be empty, with all breeches, bolts, slides, and cylinders in the open position exposing an empty chamber. The use of empty chamber indicators or flags is encouraged during routine shooting and may be required during matches.

SFT.6 It is strongly recommended that eye and hearing protection be worn whenever shooting is in progress. This applies to both shooters and non-shooters.

SFT.7 Upon hearing the command “CEASE FIRE” (uttered by anyone), you must immediately stop firing, keep you gun pointed down range, and await instructions from the Range Officer.

SFT.8 When more than one person is on the firing line, only STRONG SIDE holsters may be used.

[     ] Applicant initial here to indicate that you have read and understand the rules and agreements on this page.


OPS.1 Range Officers: If more than one shooter is at a range or pistol bay, a Range Officer (RO) must be present and will control the firing line. The members present shall select one of their number by mutual consent to act as Range Officer. The Executive Committee may appoint Range Safety Officers (RSO) to observe and guide Range Officers. The firing line will be called either HOT or COLD by the Range Officer ONLY. In the interest of safety, ANYONE may call "CEASE FIRE".

OPS.2 All bullets that are not stopped by a target must directly hit and stop in the berm (dirt backstop). Bullets must NOT hit the flat ground. “Bullet” includes any projectile or shot larger than #7-1/2. Always place targets and fire in such a manner that the bullet will impact between the base of the berm and half-way up the berm unless APPROVED backstops are used. Do NOT fire in such a manner that bullets might ricochet off your target, anything beyond your target, or the ground. Do NOT shoot at targets resting on the flat ground. Do NOT shoot at targets NEAR the flat ground.

OPS.3    The firing line on any range will normally be the forward edge of the shelter. However, upon agreement of all shooters present, the Range Officer may establish a new firing line closer to the berm in order to more easily meet the requirement that all bullets strike the berm.

OPS.4 Handguns having barrel length less than 10 inches using standard handgun ammunition and RIMFIRE rifles only may be   used on the right-hand pistol range.

OPS.5    Center fire rifles are permitted on the left pistol range, but shall NOT be used on steel targets.

OPS.6    Shotguns may be used on the Left pistol range with fixed targets positioned so that all pellets will strike the berm (#7-1/2 shot or smaller may be permitted to strike the flat ground). Airborne targets (e.g., thrown clays) are NOT permitted on the pistol ranges.

OPS.7 Steel targets on any range shall not be shot with steel core ammunition, shotgun slugs, magnum, +p, or +p+ ammunition, or any ammunition having a muzzle velocity greater than 3250 fps. Steel targets shall be shot only from an "established" firing line (see OPS.3) and shall be placed at least 15 yards from the firing line.

OPS.8 No armor piercing, explosive or incendiary ammunition may be used on the club's ranges. No .50 BMG caliber or higher energy ammunition may be used without special approval by the Executive Committee.     (This does not prohibit the use of muzzle loading firearms of greater than .50 caliber.)

OPS.9 Automatic firearms are permitted on the range provided all applicable Federal, State and local laws are complied with and all other range rules are adhered to.

OPS.10 No “junk targets" (e.g., glass, concrete blocks, etc.) or exploding targets shall be used.


ADM.1    In case of a medical emergency, call 911. To report property damage, call 803-642-7062.

ADM.2    Alcoholic beverages/illegal drugs are not allowed on club property. Persons under the influence of these items will not be allowed on the property and will be removed from the facilities at which time they will be expelled from the club as provided in the club bylaws.

ADM.3    While using the range, all members must possess and wear in plain sight a valid SRRPC membership card. If any person does not comply with a request to display their membership card or to identify themselves, for any reason, please report this immediately to a club officer, including the VEHICLE LICENSE TAG of the person, for further investigation. At any time while using the range, you may be required to confirm your identity with current photo identification to a member of the Executive Committee or a Range Safety Officer.

ADM.4    Members (including family) shall, before shooting, sign a log book upon each visit to the range, and shall annually sign a waiver of liability ("hold harmless agreement"). The responsible voting adult member shall list each minor in the log book and sign after the minor accepting all responsibility for the minor. Guests, before shooting, shall sign the log book and waiver of liability ("hold harmless agreement") upon each visit to the range and shall indicate in the log book if they live within a 50 mile radius of the range, and are therefore Potential Members. The responsible member is required to sign the guest’s log entry and waiver form.

ADM.5    A voting member may bring non-member guests to the range. Guests residing within a 50 mile radius of the range are considered to be Potential Members and may visit as guests no more than three times before they must apply for membership in the club to continue using the club facilities. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and must remain with the guests at all times. If more than two guests are shooting, the member shall act as a Range Officer for his guests and not shoot with the guests (If a Range Officer is already present at the firing line, the member with guests shall act as an assistant to the Range Officer).

ADM.6 Each membership is entitled to one firing position on one firing line at any given time (including family members and guests) . More positions may be used if available, but must be surrendered if requested by another member when all firing positions are in use.

ADM.7 Access to the range is controlled by a unique "Keycard" issued to each member. Members are required to swipe the keycard on entering and leaving the range even if the gate is already open (as for a special event). Permitting anyone else to use your keycard may result in termination of membership. In the event the electronic gate is out of service, a combination lock will be used to secure the gate; lock the gate behind you on entering and leaving.

ADM.8    All shooters are responsible for clean up of their area after shooting. Re-loadable brass and rimfire brass should be taken with you or placed in the containers marked "Brass Only". Non-re-loadable casings (steel, aluminum, and shotgun hulls) must be placed in the trash containers. Do NOT put trash in the brass containers.

ADM.9 Live rounds shall not be placed in the trash. They shall be placed in the containers marked "Live/Unfired Rounds".

ADM.10 Replace targets, stands, plates, backers, etc., in the storage areas provided. Items that are not reusable must be taken with you or placed in the trash. Trash containers must not be overfilled.

ADM.11 Permanent or semi-permanent structures, including target stands, may NOT be erected on Club property without PRIOR APPROVAL by the Executive Committee.

ADM.12 Shooting hours at the range are 8:00 AM until sunset every day.

ADM.13 Specific Range Rules for different shooting areas may be adopted by the Executive Committee. Such Specific Range Rules will be published in the newsletter and posted on the website and posted on the applicable ranges. Specific Range Rules will have the same force and effect as these General Range rules. In case of conflict, the Specific Range rules take precedence over these General Range rules. Obey all posted signs at the range.

ADM.14 For situations not otherwise covered in the rules, members and their guests are expected to use good judgment and common sense.

ADM.15 ALL MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENFORCING THE CLUB RANGE RULES. If you see a violation of the rules, politely inform the person. If they do not comply, notify an Officer of the club.


For a family membership, both spouses must sign the Applicant's Oath and Waiver of Liability with the understanding that their signatures apply for their minor children as well as themselves.

Applicant's Oath: I CERTIFY that I am a citizen of the United States of America or a foreign national legally present in the United States, that I am not a member of an organization or group having as its purpose or one of its purposes the overthrow by force and violence of the Government of the United States or any of its political subdivisions; that I am legally permitted to possess and use firearms in the state of South Carolina; and that, if admitted to membership, I will fulfill the obligations of good sportsmanship and good citizenship. I have read, understand and agree to abide by the General Range Rules of the Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club including such additions and changes as may from time-to-time be approved by the Executive Committee.

Waiver of Liability: I/we understand that using firearms can be inherently dangerous, and I assume for myself and for the listed minor participant(s) all risks associated therewith. I acknowledge that others also will be using firearms at the facility, and I will exercise all due caution, both in my and/or the minor participant(s) use, will follow all of the safety rules regarding firearms, and will comply with all rules established by the SRRPC.

In exchange for being permitted to utilize SRRPC facilities, I, having reached the age of majority, do,  for myself and on behalf of my heirs, family members, and assigns, as well as the minor participant(s), hereby release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless the SRRPC, its members, officers, employees, directors, agents, and affiliates from any and all liability claims or demands for personal injury, sickness, or death as well as property damages and expenses of any nature whatsoever which may be incurred by the undersigned and/or the minor participant(s), for whom the undersigned assumes full responsibility and liability, that occur while present at any SRRPC facility.

Furthermore, I (and for or on behalf of the minor participant(s)) hereby assume all risk of personal injury, sickness, death, damage, and expense as a result of the use of any and all SRRPC facilities or events.

I also agree to hold harmless and indemnify the SRRPC, its members, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, and agents for any liability, including all legal and other expenses incurred attendant thereto, sustained by SRRPC or the above referenced individuals as the result of any acts or admissions by myself or the minor participant(s) regardless of whether such acts or omissions are reckless, negligent, or intentional.

I acknowledge that this liability waiver is intended by the parties to be a complete and unconditional waiver of all potential causes of action that I might be able to bring in any jurisdiction, in either my individual or representative capacity, against the SRRPC, its members, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, and agents, and that this waiver is intended by the parties to be effective for a period of ten years from the date of execution as recited below.

Applicant Signature: __________________________________ Date: ___________

Spouse Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ___________

Name: [_______________] [_______________]    Spouse: [_______________] [_______________]

Address: [_________________________] [_________________________]   City: [____________________]   State: [_______________]  Zip: [__________]

Phone: [________________]  Alt. Phone: [________________]

E-mail*: [__________________________________________________] NRA number: [_______________]   GOSC number: [_______________]

Amount submitted with application:     [$____________] (Dues)     + $10.00 (cardkey fee) = [$____________]
(Once accepted as a member, dues are NOT refundable.
A $15.00 fee is charged for New Member Orientation. This is to be paid directly to the Presenter (not to the Club) at the time of Orientation.

[__] I am entitled to a 50% reduction in dues as a full-time law enforcement officer in South Carolina. My agency is  [__________________]

Applicant do not write below:

Orientation Program: I CERTIFY that the above named Applicant has successfully completed the SRR&PC Executive Committee approved Orientation Program on  ____/____/_____.
Orientation Presenter: ________________________________

Application Reviewed by Executive Committee on this date: ___________________

APPROVED or REJECTED by: __________________________________________
                                                Signature and Title of Club Officer

*Please keep the club informed of your current email address as this is the quickest way to communicate with the members. Please print clearly.

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