Savannah River rifle and Pistol Club

Using the Calendar

A "mini" calendar is located at the lower left of each page. It doesn't matter which page you are on when you access the calendar; they are all the same. The calendar is intended to provide information of interest to club members. The following FAQs will help you get the best usage of the calendar.

To see a full page version of the calendar: Click on the month at the top of the mini-calendar.

Events are indicated by small colored squares inside the date space: To see details about an event, hold your mouse pointer over the small square. Multiple events on any date are indicated by multiple small squares.

The color of the small square indentifies the type of event:

  Match-Local (A match held at the SRR&PC range)
  Match-Away (A match held at some other range)
  Reservation (One or more firing lines reserved and not available for general shooting)
  Meeting (Executive Committee or other club meeting)
  Gun Show

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